Host Safety Information


Ensuring the safety of our customers is a top priority at We go the extra mile to ensure that only exceptional visitors reach you through our comprehensive security procedures, including fraud checks and verification processes.

However, it’s equally important for you, as a host, to take steps to protect your own safety. Here are some valuable pointers to help you create a successful hosting experience while prioritizing your well-being.

  1. Clarify Your Expectations: Provide specific and detailed descriptions of your property and the surrounding neighborhood in your host profile. If you’re renting out your private residence, consider personally greeting visitors upon their arrival and giving them a tour.

  2. Get to Know Your Guests: Utilize our messaging system to communicate with guests before their stay. Feel free to ask them questions about the number of visitors, the purpose of their vacation, or if they have prior experience renting properties. Remember, it’s important not to share personal contact information until you meet in person—keep all communication within our platform.

  3. Update Your House Rules: Define clear house rules that outline your expectations for guest behavior. Our listing profile allows you to address topics like pets, smoking, parties, and noise. If there are additional rules you would like us to add to the options, feel free to contact us.

  4. Publish Guest Requirements: To ensure genuine bookings, we require guests to provide legitimate email addresses, credit card information, and maintain a strong track record of their previous stays. Based on your listing profile settings, you have control over who can book your property.


At, let’s foster a culture of mutual care and responsibility. Taking good care of your visitors not only enhances their experience but also brings blessings to all involved. Here are additional safety measures you may consider:

  1. Understand Safety Requirements: Depending on your specific situation, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with any safety requirements mandated by your local government or council. Stay informed and comply with the necessary regulations.

  2. Notify Your Neighbors: Before inviting visitors to your rental property, inform your neighbors about the upcoming guests. This helps build a sense of community awareness and facilitates prompt action if needed.

  3. Provide Vital Local Information: Give your visitors access to important local information such as emergency contact numbers and any dietary restrictions they should be aware of. Enhancing their knowledge contributes to a safer and more comfortable stay.


Preparing your property for visitors is vital to ensure their safety and protect your belongings. Consider the following steps:

  1. Secure Valuables: If you are renting out your private residence, safeguard your precious and personal belongings by storing them in a secure location. This proactive measure adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

  2. Verify Your Coverage: While the likelihood of property damage by visitors is minimal, it’s advisable to protect yourself from unforeseen incidents. Contact your insurance provider to determine if you require additional coverage, as short-term rentals are typically not covered by standard homeowner insurance policies.


In the rare event that an issue arises, we are here to support you. Follow these procedures to address problems effectively:

  1. Seek Assistance: If an unforeseen circumstance occurs during a reservation and you require assistance, our support team is ready to help. In cases where the visitor is still on your property, they can provide valuable guidance. However, we recommend reaching out to the guest first to attempt to find a resolution together.

  2. Report Guest Misbehavior: In instances of abusive behavior or misconduct by a visitor, promptly notify law enforcement in your area. Keep any relevant police reports or documentation secure, as they may prove useful in resolving the situation.

  3. Inform Us: It’s crucial to inform us about any instances of abusive behavior, visitor misconduct, or other unlawful acts. Your prompt communication allows us to take appropriate action and safeguard you and others within our community.


We take internet security seriously and regularly upgrade our systems to stay ahead of potential threats. Here are some tips to help you stay safe online:

  1. Beware of Phishing Attempts: Be cautious of emails, texts, or WhatsApp messages that urge you to sign in to your account and contain suspicious links or attachments. Ignore such messages if they are not from us.

  2. Guard Against Social Engineering: Scammers may attempt to contact you by phone or in person to obtain your account information through social engineering tactics. Exercise caution and never share your account details with anyone.

  3. Report Suspected Conduct: If you come across any suspicious conduct or suspect fraudulent activity, please notify us immediately. Your vigilance assists us in maintaining a secure platform for all our users.

Your safety as a host is paramount to us