Why a good Listing Descriptions on Zuru Life Africa is important?

Writing a great listing description.

Why a good Listing Descriptions Zuru Life Africa important?

As a host, one of your best tools in securing bookings on zurulife.africa and setting your guests’ expectations is having a great listing description. Not saying it has to be perfect but it just needs to tell guests what exactly they’ll find and can expect when arriving at your property.

It’s also crucial to realize that prospective visitors won’t get the chance to ask you questions about your property. Consequently, writing about it is essential for making a good first impression. Be aware that while determining whether or not to book your home, potential guests evaluate your listings based on the listing photo, listing description, and profile. Consequently, listing descriptions on Zuru Life Africa are more crucial.

Zuru Life Africa listing descriptions that sell:

Present clear information

Your description is at best when they provided with clear information explaining your property, using well-placed adjectives in separate sentences to drive your point.

When you don’t get your point across clearly to your target audience, you may never get a booking. Something that also may ruin your listing is when you are using fancy descriptors such as your property is ‘breathtaking, gleaming, etc. but does not explain its location or the sleeping accommodation and the finer details of what guests would want to know. Hence, get your point across first and make your description as clearly as possible.

Check your grammar

Spelling and grammar play a very important role in your listing description. A good description without spelling establishes trust and professionalism with your potential guests. Just to be sincere, if a listing contains grammatical or spelling problems, would you still go on to read it?

To assist build trust and more importantly, let potential visitors know that you’re a professional host, it is always important to examine and take the time to recheck your listing descriptions.

Writing Tips for Describing your Zuru Life Africa

Keep the below pointers in mind even as you write your listing description.

  1. Know your audience and use the right tone. Business travelers? Families? International travelers?
  2. “Title” off the listing should be unique and explosive
  3. Ensure your words reflect your photos
  4. Use an intuitive description structure
  5. Be specific but not generic
  6. Describe what makes your property stand out
  7. Write like a pro. Do not use obvious words such as ‘great’, ‘lovely’ or ‘nice’
  8. Be creative at grabbing the attention of your target audience
  9. Avoid over-selling the space
  10. Test different descriptions to see what works best

What is the Basic Structure of Zuru Life Africa Listing Descriptions?

Brief introduction

In a nutshell, the brief introduction should be the overall selling point of your property.

Room by room description

Use bullet points or short paragraphs mentioning features and amenities found in each room such as furniture, art, smart technology, number of beds, windows with or without a view, type of appliances, and special amenities.

Outdoor spaces description

Provide descriptions of the area whether you have a garden or a swimming pool. Also, mention what is available for guests such as sunbeds or children’s play equipment.

Location description

Last but not least, end the description describing the surrounding areas and whether it is accessible to transport, well-known restaurants or even walking trails. Keep in mind, to keep it short and sweet.

Happy Hosting.