How Zuru Life Africa Works for Hosts | And For Guests

Who is a Host?

A host on Zuru Life Africa is a registered and verified account holder who offers listings for booking on These hosts are typically property owners or residents who provide accommodations to travelers. Before diving into how the platform works for hosts, let's understand a few important details.

What Is Zuru Life Africa? - Zuru, a Swahili word meaning travel, embodies the essence of "Zuru Life Africa" – embracing and promoting travel as a way of life in Africa. This platform aims to connect travel enthusiasts, both from within and outside Africa, with the untold stories and hidden gems of the continent. Developed by Africans for Africa, Zuru Life Africa focuses on providing affordable and culturally-inspired accommodations across the entire continent.

Renting Spaces and Sharing Stories: Property owners can list their spaces on Zuru Life Africa, offering them to tourists in search of a place to stay. The platform enables property owners to share the rich culture and unique scenic destinations of Africa by providing accommodations. Best of all, listing on Zuru Life Africa comes at no cost, ensuring that property owners can participate and contribute to the travel experience without any financial burden.

Anyone can easily book a stay on Zuru Life Africa. The platform is seamlessly integrated with various payment options, including mobile money services like Lipa Na M-pesa, making guest payments simple and convenient. Zuru Life Africa has successfully provided affordable listing spaces to a wide range of travelers across Africa, catering to both young and senior adventurers. The platform ensures the authenticity of the travel destinations listed, assuring an enriching and genuine experience for all guests.

Zuru Life Africa empowers hosts by offering a seamless platform for showcasing their accommodations and sharing Africa's diverse cultural and scenic beauty with travelers. Through the integration of convenient payment options and a commitment to authenticity, Zuru Life Africa connects hosts and guests, fostering a vibrant travel community across the continent. Join Zuru Life Africa today and be part of promoting travel and adventure as a way of life in Africa.

How Zuru Life Africa Works for Hosts

Whether you own a bed and breakfast or a vacation rental business, Zuru Life Africa is here to boost the visibility of your listings to a larger online audience, ultimately increasing your hotel occupancy ratio. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily manage your listings, thanks to the smart calendar feature that allows you to control booking availability. Additionally, all bookings made through Zuru Life Africa will be automatically added to your account’s booking list. It’s important to note that there is a 10% booking commission for any booking you receive through our platform. NO any other hidden charges.

Zuru Life Africa Hosting FAQ

  1. What is the cost?

Listing your accommodation on is completely FREE for life. We work tirelessly to match your accommodation with potential guests seeking a place to stay in your area. To maintain and enhance our platform and to also keep your accommodation booked, we charge a service fee of only 10% for every booking received by hosts and NO charge on guest who book through our platform. This fee is 50% cheaper compared to other listing/booking platforms.

Let’s say you’ve set your accommodation price at Kes 1500.00 per night, and you receive a 2-night booking through our platform, totaling Kes 3000.00. We will require only 10% from this amount – which is Kes 300.00 only and your total earning will be Kes 2,700.00. It’s that simple and affordable!

  1. How do I get paid?

All booking M-pesa payments are securely processed through Zuru Life Africa M-Pesa payment option while card payment are processed through Chpter – Zuru Life Africa’s integrated online payment system. Don’t worry about all these as a host. Once a guest pays for your listing, we collect the payment and remit to you through a digital wallet available under your Zuru profile/dashboard, from which you can initiate withdrawal of any amount of your choice to your preferred payment-receipt option, be it your M-Pesa registered number of Bank Account. Please note; you can only initiate a withdrawal once your guest confirms check-in, which is an option available in the booking profile of the guest.    

When you log in to your account and navigate to your dashboard, you’ll see your total earnings. 

Tip: Please note that Zuru Life Africa does not collect taxes on your behalfBy listing your property on Zuru Life Africa, you confirm that you comply with the relevant governing laws in the tourism and hospitality sector.

  1. Do I need to lower my prices to be competitive on Zuru Life Africa?

Yes, it is recommended to adjust your prices as long as you operate above your break-even point. On average, the rates for an entire home on Zuru Life Africa are lower than the cost of a single hotel room.

Zuru Life Host Requirements:

If you’re considering becoming a host, please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Provide guests with essential amenities such as toilet paper, soap, sheets, and at least one towel and pillow per guest. You can enhance your host rating by adding more amenities.

  • Be responsive and reply to inquiries and reservation requests the moment a guest contacts you.

  • Avoid cancellations, as they are taken seriously by Zuru Life Africa. We understand that travel plans depend on accommodations, so cancellations are strongly discouraged. Manage your calendar well to avoid double bookings. Remember, you Zuru calendar on your profile will automatically grey-out or lock out dates that have been booked by your guests so that you dont have to do that by yourself.

  • Ensure your listing includes high-quality images to achieve a higher rating.

Cancellation Policies:

As a host, you have the option to assign each listing to a specific cancellation policy. If a guest cancels a booking, a refund can be provided based on the assigned refund policy for that listing.

In cases where a guest fails to show up on the check-in date or the following day, the host will be paid the full booking cost. However, the host must confirm a “NO-Show” for the guest on the day after the scheduled check-in date.

Our aim is to provide a secure, efficient, and seamless platform where security of people’s money, property and time, trust and respect for people’s businesses prevail. This, to all our customers and platform users, ensuring that no guest is inconvenienced by host cancellations and vice-versa. This is why “View Contact” option is enabled so that guests can chat/call and confirm details before committing to book the host’s accommodation. 

 Now that you understand how Zuru Life Africa works for hosts, let’s explore how it can further benefit your bed and breakfast or multiple listings.

Zuru Life Africa aims to become an integral part of your booking strategy, helping you stay relevant in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. To achieve this, we provide APIs for seamless integration of your internal booking management system with Zuru Life Africa. This integration allows you to manage all your bookings from a single point, streamlining your operations. Additionally, we have partnered with iOSoft Solutions, one of the leading software development companies in Kenya, to integrate our platform with their Smart Hotel Management software, providing you with even greater efficiency.

Marketing and Brand Visibility:

Zuru Life Africa has implemented a robust marketing strategy designed to drive traffic to your bed and breakfast listings. By leveraging our platform, you not only increase your revenue but also expand your brand's visibility beyond borders. We understand the unique market niche of Zuru, which is Africa, and we have built a straightforward and user-friendly platform that benefits both travelers and hosts. Moreover, our platform allows you to personalize your customers' experience according to your preferences, using the parameters provided.

If you require any assistance or clarification, please feel free to reach out to us. Our dedicated support team is here to help you make the most of your hosting experience on Zuru Life Africa. We value your feedback and strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for both hosts and guests.

Choose Zuru Life Africa and embark on a journey of hosting success, connecting travelers with the vibrant stories and culturally-inspired accommodations across Africa. Join our community today!

Note: This information is accurate as of the time of writing and may be subject to updates and changes.